MORE MOVEMENT more business!

The FieldLab site in Eindhoven is located on a former soccer pitch. It consists of one grass pitch, four different artificial turf pitches of recreational size and a range of playground equipment, both interactive and adapted for special target groups like elderly. The testing site is surrounded by a 400 meters, two lane athletics track and an asphalt track. Activities like school sports, children’s parties and corporate outings take place on these multifunctional sports grounds.

The FieldLab in Eindhoven is located in the middle of sports grounds in the northern part of the city. The sports grounds are surrounded by a rather densely populated area, which makes is a highly visited location. Also schools and a police academy are nearby. The accommodation of the FieldLab itself is run by the commercial company Op Noord that organises events and activities for school, company and other groups.

Within a broad range of visitors and users the focus of the FieldLab is on youngsters (approx. aged 14-21 year) and young seniors aged 55-65 year. The mission is to support innovations that improve the quality of recreational sports or make recreational sports more attractive for the target groups mentioned above. Companies and design students can count on support in testing and monitoring as well as access to the large network of the FieldLab Eindhoven.