There is no single blueprint for a FieldLab. Existing examples in Eindhoven, Delft, Kortrijk, Sheffield and Ulster (Newtownabbey) show a variety of possibilities and options. Kortrijk started more or less from scratch, in the other cases it was a matter of transformation from an existing situation and/or growing step by step. Each of the five FieldLabs has a unique focus, coming from the dynamics of the local collaboration, and the needs of the local citizens.

There are also cultural differences between countries, for example in the manner in which and to what extent universities and local government cooperate with business. Analysing the different dynamics and challenges coming from this variety enriches the Field Lab proposal.

In short, the golden triangle is not always equilateral. For every FieldLab it can be different in shape, with a different centroid, and with a different business plan.


Valuable differences

These differences can become valuable through the international connections that have been established through the ProFit project. It offers companies the opportunity to test their products in different locations, with a different profile of users and to reach different markets.

Also there is a wide variety of services that can be provided by a FieldLab, from concept development to testing of prototypes and even reaching to a new markets.

What is important is then to communicate the possibilities with the stakeholder network, and achieve agreement on the services that will be provided.