Competitions and challenges


Both for students and for businesses – are commonly used these days to draw attention, to mobilise energy, to create ideas and to get people engaging in physical activity. Competitions and challenges and also awards and prizes can be used to put the spotlight on sports innovations and gather best practices. To win such a prize can be a next step for a project.

The ProFit innovation competition in 2012 yielded quite a number of ideas, concepts and products. At each FieldLab a jury of experts chose a winner. Winners received a 20.000 euro voucher for prototyping or further development and testing. Out of the four local winners Yalp was chosen as overall winner and was awarded an extra 20.000 euro voucher for prototyping, development, testing and international dissemination.

Besides this innovation competition also workshops, summer courses and summer competitions were organised, mainly for students but whenever possible with participation of companies.